Fives Pillard

Since 1920, Pillard E.G.C.I. have given combustion the prestige it once held, with a high-tech approach to specific problems of combustion equipment and control systems, backed by impressive portfolio of patents : such as ROTAFLAM, NOVAFLAM burners, STAPILDOS, ALTPILDOS dosing systems. In 2008, Pillard E.G.C.I. name changed to Fives Pillard SA. Since 1957, Pillard Feuerungen GmbH started to manufacture tailor-made burners, hot gas generators, fuel preparation systems for cement and heavy industries in Germany. From 2013, with the company name change to Fives Pillard Deutschland GmbH, the close cooperation with the parent company Fives Pillard SA in Marseilles and affiliation to the Fives group based in Paris had been established. Fives Pillard is a recognized provider of high performance combustion process solutions and services for key markets of cement and minerals and energy. From design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and customer technical support throughout the equipment life cycle, the company offers ultimate solutions to its customers and drives projects as a true partner.

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Fives FCB

Within Fives group, Fives FCB specializes in the design, supply and installation of core process equipment and complete plants. Fives FCB’s expertise includes technologies in crushing, grinding, pyro-process, gas treatment, as well as complete project management and customer services. Fives FCB is recognized in the cement and mineral industries as a provider of efficient and innovative solutions with the highest levels of performance, product quality, energy efficiency and emissions control. Fives FCB offers a wide product portfolio including proprietary technologies such as FCB Horomill®, FCB B-mill and FCB E-mill grinding mills, FCB TSV™ Classifier, FCB Flash dryer, FCB Aerodecantor, TGT® Filter.

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Vecoplan offers technologies, products and complete systems in wood reprocessing, waste reprocessing and recycling by tailoring optimum solutions toward customer needs. The products range from shredding, conveying, screening, seperating, storing and dosing capabilities for the markets of wood, waste and recycling. Particular attention in the cement and lime industry is paid to the alternative fuels (RDF) by carefully seperated light fraction, which yields the major part of the overall heating value.

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In 1976, to overcome the problems related with dangerous work environments and inaccessible demolition sites, the world’s first remote controlled demolition machine was built. For 40 years Brokk has been transforming the demolition business to improve the safety and productivity of some of the hardest working people on the earth. With the appropriate attachment Brokk is widely used in construction, cement, nuclear, tunnelling and mining industries. Demolishing, crushing, digging, drilling, removing, concrete sawing, cleaning cement kilns, debricking of furnaces, excavating cross passages between twin tunnels are widely used examples of Brokk. The high productivity rate of a Brokk machine combined with the safe and operator friendly remote control, places Brokk technology in a division of its own among other demolition methods.

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Bricking Solutions

In 1967, to supply rotary kiln bricking machines to refractory installers the company was formed. Over the 33 years Bricking Solutions has offerred sound solutions to companies looking towards safer, more efficient refractory installation. At the request of the customers the company has developed accessories and other products to support the bricking machine ; EZ lift platform, kiln access ramp, safety inspection cage, personnel protection tunnel,Muck-it-bucket for debris removal, hydraulic conveyor, incline conveyor systems together with bricking machines completes the circle of refractory maintenance.

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Cinar Ltd

Since 1988 Cinar has been using in house developed CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for all energy intensive pyro processing industries, to optimize flames, burners, combustion efficiency, process, conversion/upgrades, the use of Alternative Fuels (AFR) petcoke and NOX, CO, Dioxins emissions. CINAR designs practical solutions with emphasis on Iow capEx such as designing and locating a burner or optimization, efficient utilization of AFR (Alternative Fuels) and reducing emissions through. Mineral Interactive Computational Fluid Dynamics (MI-CFD) models for cement and lime industries. For cement and lime Industry Cinar offers complete solutions to all pyro-processing issues via ÇINAR Tech associates PM Tech and Altemos.

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Standard Industrie

Standard Industrie manufactures solutions to any bulk handling problem.AIRCHOC® declogging air cannons, LIFTUBE® conveyor belt optimization,GIRONET® silo and hopper cleaning, industrial vacuum cleaning equipments, belt cleaners (scrappers) are the well known products.The LIFTUBE® is a modular system that optimizes sealing of any existing conveyor belt with many advantages.

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TEMA manufactures Fluid Bed Dryers for mineral, chemical, food and biomass industries.They are also used successfully for solid alternative fuels such as RDF (Refused Derived Fuel) and sludge.Shaking and Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers and Static Fluid Bed Dryers with or without submerged heat exchangers are the types of Dryers used for these applications.

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Equipo is your solutions partner for composting, bio drying, bio stabilization and one of the very limited qualified user of GORE Cover System for aerobic waste treatment / drying technology using special tilt Gore membrane. This method provides the most effective solution available on the market in the field of biological treatment of waste and also meets the most stringent regulations on emissions of odor.

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