Somer International was originally founded in Ankara in 1963, by Ali Rıza Toduk who worked at Çitosan (state cement company) for many years. The company serves not only the cement industry but also minerals, iron and steel, petrochemicals, pulp, thermal power plants as Turkish representative of leader machine and equipment manufacturers.

The company paid special attention choosing the principal company to be not only a leading machine supplier but also a problem solving partner. Recently the company emphasized on the usage of solid waste as alternative fuel in the cement industry and provides turn-key solutions to the industry.

Principles of Our Work

In 2008, the company name changed to SomerInternational (Somer İnşaat Dış Ticaret Ltd.Şti.) In 2013, started the Brokk rental service. In 2017, Brokk Service for the maintenance and repair was opened in Gebze.

Mr.Orhun Cavdar, BSc,Industrial Engineer, MBA-finance, joined the company as managing partner.

Mr Ahmet Somer who joined the company as an industrial engineer in 1986, now owns major shares of the company and acts as General Manager.